Friendship and fraternization. That’s what Papa Jim is all about. Where did Papa Jim come from? For that, we dive into sports history. Back to the year 1992. To Barcelona where the Olympics took place that year. British athlete Derek Redmond proved that taking part is more important than winning does play a role at times. During the semi-final of the 400-meter sprint, he suffered a serious hamstring injury after 250 meters and collapsed. In any case, the medal candidate did not want to be lifted off the track with the stretcher. So determinedly he limped on one leg towards the finish line. But then 150 meters are meters long. It was his father Jim who then ran out from the stands to talk to his son. However, Derek decided not to give up and his father, Papa Jim, emotionally supported him to the finish line. The rest is history.

Hence Papa Jim Sportsbar. We breathe sport, but also friendship and fraternization. We are the place where you get together with friends or teammates. Where you celebrate the win or share the loss of your favorite club or sport together.